Sudden Urge to Die by Ssswolfismyfav

I hear a cry

I look around, no tears in your eyes.

It's blury..

I wonder why

Is.. that a tear in my eye..?

Theres a sudden urge, an urge to die..

This urge, it goes on.. and on, and on.

I'm still here

You leave, leave my here, here to die.

The tears are flowing, they keep flowing-

and flowing.. and flowing.

It brings me to wondering again. Wondering why theres an urge. An urge to die.

Why? Why am I here? Is my existance real? If so..


The urge, it's here again. It's arived. 

The thought of death flows, and flows.. and flows..

Will it ever go? 

Leave.. leave.. LEAVE...

Why.. why are you still here..?

Should I leave to die?

The urge leaves me, 

leaves me here, here to die.

Bye World, Bye.

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