Play Wild Item Worth Wiki

Status: These are currently open!

Wiki Staff Applications: Click here!

Discord Server Staff Applications: Click here!
*⚠ Discord Server Link: Click here to join! ❕

🗡 For the server, 2 new moderators are looking to be selected, preferably with a different timezone than North America this time around so there are more of us to be online when others are offline! 🗡

🗡 For the wiki, 4-6 new staff members are looking to be selected! 🗡

When these are open, they close oftentimes a month afterward. Keep this in mind to send one in before the deadline! For current staff or helpers that may wish to receive a promotion to a higher or specific rank, you can submit an application once again!

Good luck, Jammers!



*⚠ - The Discord server has a few different rules than the wiki, ex. swearing is more open to being used, Jammers age 20 or above are not allowed upon joining, and trading it limited to active users per a leveling system.