Okie hi if your reading this, THANK YOUU. XD so lemme explain... (btw these people have been scamming others too..) Once at the arctic wolf cave ap0ll0x (user) and someone else.. (I forgot ok XD) were doing this: "MY RED DRAGON WINGS FOR PURPLE LION BRACELET " and ap0ll0x, strangely having the exact color.. Told them that they would friend the other user and will jam them if deal. So I was smol brain and thought, why dont I give my highest firefly for the lion bracelet? Well what do you know apollo then left after accepting and the other user went off line. Just perfect, if you do manage to read this all without being bored well TANK UUUU and please do report ap0ll0x for scamming multiple people. Thank you •̀.̫•́

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