SCAMMER USERNAME: bigsister36912 Her profile

What happened:

Today in the fox den, @bigsister36912 attempted to scam me of my forest, dual, and mythical spike. 

She asked to trade me and if my look was for trade. 

She offered an archer hat (This got me suspicious because a blue archer is obviously over). 

She proceeds to say "imma add, bc, idk, lolz" (proof below)

She then adds a full trade of items. 

When I scroll back to check if the archer is still there, it was not there anymore, she had removed it. 

She accepted the trade. 

Once I said "nty no adds and I'm going to double check the trade, i'm not dumb" she logged off.

I don't think there is any way to explain her actions, besides the fact that she attempted to scam. 


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