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  • My occupation is Listening to Hamilton!
  • I am I am a slothicorncorgi. A slothicorncorgi is a sloth, a unicorn thing, and a corgi. It eats souls. And it's the cutest thing ever. Oh and look under your bed and call your mom it might be there... 😳
  • Bio Haha this is my own quote: "Hamilton is my escape from realty" - my quote you may not steal it enles a you have permission.oh and if did not see Hamilton I will come for you 😁
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  • HAMILTON!!!!!
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-Hello < name >, I'm a sloth!!

I've been on this wiki for...

June 3 2020 21:32

Bonjour < name > I see you on my profile < name >. You seem  to be on my profile, well I guess since you are stalking me I will tell you some facts bout the one and only Silver0122!                        

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