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This Item is Extremely Uncommon.
This item is very uncommon and few people have it. The owner might not want to trade it.



" A solemn, yet brutal challenge. "


" ⛧ " But he replied, there must be one who can withstand it. " ⛧ "

It's a pleasure to be acquainted with you. I'm pretty active on the wiki, but it really depends on how I'm feeling. I'm pretty serious on many platforms and in-real life, but I'm quite silly and sweet with my friends (well, it depends who you are really). I also make too many song references. I like music, speaking with friends, and so on. I try to be welcoming for others, apologies if I'm not, my bad. I try to be comforting and/or caring too, and I don't mean to be scary or viewed as intimidating. I get irritated quite easily though and I don't have much patience. I'm not always going to respond ASAP, I'll try to as always, forgive me for neglecting your messages and/or not noticing them. Now that you know about me, let's talk about you comrade, shall we?

" 🌌 Perhaps he thought he of all people should make a stand. 🌌 "

Nonetheless, you can contact or report to me the following: Deleting comments/posts, warning/blocking users, worth changing (if it's a major worth change, proofs would be required, but I do hope one day our wiki will be updating as desired and accurate). I enjoy helping others, if you do not feel comfortable talking here or you want to contact me elsewhere, you can use my Discord or Instagram.

Some Facts About Me:

• I take time to open up to others, so forgive me for being cold. I try to be kind to everyone, but I do have some issues on my own with being fully comfortable and open with new people as well, though if I'm not very happy, I am not as kind as I should be.

• I like making new acquaintances, so feel free to message my wall if you want to be buddies in-game. If you just want to talk together, you can make a message on my wall, send a request on Discord, or shoot a DM on Instagram. Though just know that if you never plan to talk or you just avoid me, don't bother, time is precious in one's eye, one can never earn it back. It'll be a waste of time for both of us, wouldn't it?

• I like Indie Rock/Alternative Music, but my music taste is all over the place, I like many types.

• I appreciate all questions and concerns, and I don't bite (usually).

• There are some really great people that I like being around such as 𝐂𝐲𝐫𝐮𝐤𝐢/𝐓𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐫 (♥️) and you < name > <3.

" 🌃 Come face to face with the Musou No Hitotachi was all that he truly desired after all. 🌃 "

Tumblr ce485fbb648ac31796796af56dd7dd1d 079bd0cd 540.gif

" 🌆 Perhaps that was the glory he had yearned to witness. 🌆 "