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  • I live in your mother's basement please help
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is saying brb and coming back 23 days later
  • I am your friendly neighborhood raindrop
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Coyote art teal howl

Hey, < name >, this user is a stalker. They may be creeping around your message wall at any time, like right now. Stay alert at all times.

twitch is better than youtube change my mind

Hey y'all whats up? I'm an ex-bureaucrat on this wiki from a long time ago. I'm hardly ever active, I check in maybe once a month, sorry if I don't respond to any messages n stuff. I don't play animal jam anymore, so sorry if I can't help with worths or anything. i literally dont know WHAT a leilani is pls- anyways, thanks for stopping by my profile, love you! 

is it seriously Friday already... i can't keep up smh

find me on discord at . ✧ ° 𝐲𝐞𝐞 𝐲𝐞𝐞 ° ✧ .#8572

A Bit About Our Wiki.


Understanding worth on Play Wild is hard, but we try our best. If you feel that something is wrong with one of our worths, feel free to fix it, or contact one of our staff members (politely, it's not fun to read a 3 paragraphed long comment on why we need to change the worth of an item). We have lots of people editing every day, and we will try to keep our wiki as up to date as possible.


We have a group of people on this wiki who are staff members. Our bureaucrat is Kawaiilove12, who is the founder of this amazing wiki. Our admins are SaikoCho and AzureShadowYT. Our content moderator is Dïzney AJ . In order to be promoted, you must be editing consistently, and you must be trustworthy and helpful. Bureaucrats are the only people who can promote you. 


Before editing, make sure to look over our rules. Not following these rules can result in a ban. There are a few things that happen in a ban. When banned, you are not allowed to edit any pages, or in some cases, not be able to post on your message wall. Depending on how bad the offense was, the time will vary. If need be, you can get IP banned, which means you cannot use the device that you used when the offense was caused or any devices you try to edit on. Banning is not good, and the best thing to do is just follow the rules. 

Some Of My Random Stuff

My Quotes/Favorite Quotes

"Though stars burn out, they leave room for new ones." -Me

"Waiting won't get anything done. Today is your day." - Me

"Life has a purpose. You just need to find what it is to you." -Me

"When you make the leap, the landing may be rough, but in the end, it's going to be okay." - Me

"We're all human, so we're not all perfect. But that doesn't mean we're not strong." -Me

"Don't be afraid to fly." -Some kid in my swim team idk

"Peace is the best option." -Astroverse

"Mama always said: Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump

"Destiny isn't a path that any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest." -Leafpool

"Inconceivable!" -Vizzini

fandoms/people i'm obsessed with

  • you know who it is
  • srry lol
  • i've been a fan since fo r e v er
  • if some1 knows her, then respect
  • it was a mistake to read this in 3rd grade
  • it was a mistake to read the whole series in 1st grade
  • greg
  • if someone knows who this is, you don't understand how much respect i'll have for you
  • [screaming in abba]
  • i said i wouldn't read it i said i wou-
  • hey girlies
  • [unintelligable fangirl screaming]
  • welcome to my musical trash
  • sorry again ecks dee
  • sincerELY ME
  • it's just a neverending rabbit hole that's almost impossible to crawl out of
  • blonde
  • that was a soliloquy
  • hes hot'asdlfkhaSDJFAS DFKLSJFJAJ

aM i tHe bEsT aDmiN??//??

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cats or dogs

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pineapple on pizza?

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sanity level at the moment

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My random thoughts/opinions.

pewds x marzia best ship, don't @ me

anyone down for wii sports/resort and chill?

why does anyone like me anymore and if you like me can you tell me why so i can teach myself to like me back

the abyss isn't actually that bad

i'd survive the purge with no trouble

what did I just miss

am i the only one who like pays attention to the details in class that the teacher doesn’t care if you know or not but when they’re giving really important information i enter a different realm

you would think that after all the hours i spend staring at a screen i'd be scared of the sun

stop trying to be edgy y'all


i'm such a bad influence i'm so sorry lmao

let's just all have a massive scavenger hunt shall we

remember when times were simpler?

yee yee 🤠


but can you do this

if fasting is not eating anything for a long time, then shouldn't slowing be inhaling a heck ton of food

shh shh don't cry, it's gonna be okay

hey could you just like put random messages on my wall because i get really excited when i get a notification thanks

you should really join the discord

cereal can be a breakfast, lunch, and dinner item

i unronically let my friends call me merm irl and i'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing

hey man you're not alone i know what it's like to want something you can't have

i should be studying

is it just me or does it smell like updog in here

life is so great that i would like to jump out a window, uh it's been fun guys thanks

hxppy thxughts


im always stuck behind the slow people in the halls like it’s not my fault that’s i had to walk behind snails

i was going to write something but i forgot

that one kid really gets on my nerves

it’s not impossible to not have a crush, fangirling doesn’t count

gamers will win, heck off furries

[insert unironic pun here]

why did post ironic doge memes suddenly start to appear

big yikes

every day we have pepe hands moments

as much as i dont like normies without them memes would live forever and thats a bad thing

my best friend is in love with charles

i've been doing a lot of wanting to die recently and it's very time consuming


i thought of this at school

kawaii desu senpai~~


meme 👏 review 👏

my IQ is 1000

i was going to look up something but forgot please tell me

sorry if i hurt you because i didn't mean to

current internet status: youtube lagging at 144p

do you respec whamen

wait how am i an admin

all the other kids with their pumped up kicks better run better run...

there are more flavors of lays chips than the amount of brain cells i have

Just Monika.

we did good bros

i want die



ugh i hate state testing

why does the code on my page hate me so much

that looked better in my head... lots of things look better in my head, y'know? including myself.

nostalgia is the most powerful feeling... especially when you don't know what you're being nostalgic about.

you're here on purpose

listen to HOME - Resonance right now ya lil-

im so sorry that i'm like this. i hate myself more than you hate me.


yo dogg you got the yee yee juice

i tell myself i'll go to bed at like 9 on school nights and end up staying up til like 3

hi gamer i know you're watching

uwo - the scariest face in history of uwus and owos

you furries need to stop

i s E E YO U

seagulls are fricken' amazing

impact font memes are dead let them rest in peace

it's only temporary. i'm sorry i'm not good enough. :)

let's stop with the feminism please-

i can feel my sanity level slowly decreasing.. or quickly idk yet


let's fly to Fiji together

brb im thinking

nvm bacc

am i annoying

ok but do people actually read these things

s m h m y h e a d


concerned laughing

A good, yummy link

wow that song brang back to many memories

^^ reading the message above makes me realize that i spelled too wrong but i'm too lazy to and another o

i just unironically wheezed

united states canda mexico panama haiti jamaica peru republic dominian cuba carribean greenland el salvador too puerto rico columbia venezuela honduras gayana and still guatemala bolivia then argentina and equador chile brazil costa rica belize nicaragua bermuda bahamas tobago san juan paraguay uruguay and french giana barbados and guam norway and sweden and iceland and finland and germany now i want peace switzerland austria czechoslovakia italy turkey and greece poland romania scotland albania ireland russia oman bulgaria saudi arabia hungary cyprus iraq and iran there's syria lebannon jordan both yemen's kuhwait and bahrain the netherlands luxemborg belgium and potugal france england denmark and spain india pakistan burmia afghanistan thailand nepal and bhutan kampuchea malasia bangladesh asia and china korea japan mangolia loas and tibet indonesia the phillipine islands taiwan sri lanka new guinea sumatra new zealand the borneo and vietnam tunisia morocco uganda angolia zimbabwe djibouti botswana mozambique zambia swaziland gambia guinea algeria ghana buruni lesotho and malawi togo the spanish sahara is gone niger nigeria chad and liberia egypt benin and gabon tanzania somalia kenya and mali sierra leone and algiers dahomey namibia senegal libya camaroon congo zairre ethiopia guinea bissau madagascar rwanda mahorre and cayman hong kong abu dhabi quatar yugoslavia crete maruitania then transylvania monacho leichtenstein malta and palestine fiji austrailia sudan


î̵̧̧̢̢̡̨̡̨̢̨̨̨̧̨̧̨̢̛͓͔͖̥̪̟̻͇̼͚̱̥͔̠̙̝̫̘͓̮͕̻̫̖̲̰̣̦̩̺̮̠̜͖̰͉͓͎̼̼̲̳̞̫̳̪͈͕̗̻̦̗̬̘̦̜̻̦̝͚̝̦͙̗͇͖͚̫̯̺̮͙̝̩͈̰̠̟̘͙̹̼̺̼̞̰͍͕̗̖̟̩͚͚̦̪̟̟͉͙̝͕̳͖͚̠̠̯͚͎̟̳̣̰͈̙͇̯͇̣̻̪̘̙̤̹̭̤̗̥̱̤̯͖͕͍̺̦͎̱͚̦̲̤͈̣̖̝̮̻̘͈͚͇̪͈͇͐͐̎̓̓͌̇͌̐̈̂̀̉̌̆̐̈́͑̄̊̒̒̉͛̇͂̅͛̅̀̈́̌̊̓̅͊̒̾̕͘̕̚͜͜͜͝͝͝ͅf̶̢̧̨̢̧̢̧̨̧̧̨̧̢̧̭̥̞̭͓͓͈̳̻̳͉̯̱͙̹̫͉͙̫̟͔̟̪̲͓̪͚̰̯̱̖͇̲͎̮̲̰̰͓͎̮̠̜̹̹͉͇̩̪̲͕̹̮̹̺͇̻͖͍̰̱̖͉͇̭̬̫͚͖͉̱̮̝͍͎̹̝̣͓̘̣̘̝̮̬̩̭͍̰͓͕̭̻̲̬̹̮̩̪̘̗͉̜̩̳͖̤͍̹̩̜͈̘̋̂͋͑̔̉̿̓͋̓̌̉̅͆̾̉̓̎̀̍̇̄̑̾̇̈͗̃̋̕̚̚͜͜͜͝ͅͅͅͅ ̴̡̧̧̢̢̢͙̣̭̼͚͎̺͕̫͚̝̤̙̜̼͇̤̮̖̬̯͇̘͈̟̖̜̲͓̩̘̱͕͈̠̜̫̬͎̻̣̯͇͈̻͎̮̰̹̬̻̬̜̼̫̥͉̙͙̳͉̱̜̟̤̤͎̮̤̱̜̂̈́̎̓̾̿̇͆͑͒̈̓͂̇̉̓̚͘͜͜͝͝ͅý̸̨̨̡̨̨̢̨̨̧̡̢̡̛̛̛̛̛͎̦̤͕̰̗̜̙̭̞͉͔̬̤̯͉̜͕̱̺̩͕͔̭̝̤̗̹̭̺͖̞̺̫̩̝̹͙͓̯͇̦̼͓̬̫̝̼̬͈̝͉͚͎̼͖͓͖̥̦̯̫͈̲̥̻̳͉̳̪͇̱͔̱̣̦̜̫͇͕͉̪̬̖̺͈̊̈́̽͐̈́̒̇͌́͋͂̓́͆̔͛̃̈͐̄͂͑̐̀̓͒̊͊̑̓̇̀̉̑̈̋̈̅̊̔̑̊͂̓͒̍͐̓͗̀̏͋̽̂͆̔̿͌̅̉̉̈́̓͂̆̇̈̈́͆̏̇͋́̅́̈̓̒̄̿̄͗͂̎̃̋͑̍̒̽̇͛͑̆̆̏̀̐̓̂̽̀̋͗̎̊̎͂̽̑̂͊́̎̄̔͛͐̂͑́̆̌̌̓̅̆͛̅̿̎͌̉̐̅̄͌̍͒͋̒̎̄̇̐̏̎̔́̋̋̈́̃̄̔͆̂͛̍͋̆̈́̒̈́̈́͋̔̉͂̃̐́͊̇̿̿̈̏́͗͑̈́̄̒͊̎̏͗͌̈́́̌͌̓͆̀̃͐̾̂̍̌̾̆̍̃̐͆̎͘̕͘̕͘̚͘̚͘͘͘̕̚̚͘̚͜͠͠͠͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͝͝ͅͅơ̷̧̢̢̧̢̛̛͕̯̥̞̫̟͖͖̙̬̠͖̮̬̬̙͇͈̣̣͉̠̯͈͖͉̼͎̪̩̠̱̻̜̣͎̭̹͎͙̤̯̼͙̫͍̣͚̹̪̙̤̫̯̠̟̪͈͉̥̺̮̺͙͙̟̟̠̦̘͚̠̳̑̈̀͒́́̎̓̎̿̄̍͑͆͑͒̈̉̈̄̔̑̅̃̐̐̇͗̂̐̔͌̿̐͌̐̎́̅͑͗͐̽͗̍̈̈́̈́̅̐͑͒̆̑̉͌̽̅̀̆̄̓͂̅̈͊͌̑͊͌̓̆͑͋͆̔͊͆̌̇̇̾̉̋̑̓́̓̉̆̈́̾̉̈́͋̓͆̽̾̐̊́̅́̎̀̐͌̎́͊̌͒̈́̐̿̏͋͌̆͊͘͘̕̚̚̚͘͘̚͘̕̕͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝ͅų̵̧͇̘̗̪͎̻̞̤̣͇̙̼̗̠̹̩̰͓͙͉͇͖͔̯͖̯͓̝͍̖̣̟͙͚͓͇̗̱́͑̌̆͆̊̓̉̊̽̍̓͑͑͑́͗͗͂̆͑̍́̒͋̀̒̔͋͛̀̋̌̿̀̿́̌̈́̇͌̉̈́͐́͑̽̾͐͆̈́̔͋́͆̈́̋̌̽̾̈̑͋͌̋͗͋́̓̋̃͌̈́̀̃̎͑͒͂̈̔̀̇̀̇͆̽̑̒̊̾̌͛̇͂́͐͋͂͛̎̄̓̈͑̑͊̑͊̍̍́̓̿̈̿͋͗̓̓͒͌̽́̂̿̿̌̔̈́͐̎́͐̃̃̆́̒̂̊̈́̃̄͆̋̂̆̿͊̏͌͗̈́͊͐̄̏̄̌̓̌́́͊̑͐͋̏̾͗̀̓͛͛̉̓̐̅̄͑͒̒͆̈́̀̈́̿̓̂̌̐͒͋̓̓̅̆̓͛͛̄͌̀̓̈̀̽̂̒͋͘̚̚͘͘̚̚̚͘͘̕̚̚̕̕̚͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ ̵̢̧̢̡̧̢̢̡̡̡̧̨̡̡̨̢̧̢̡̢̢̡̢̧̧̡̨̧̨̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͍̮̝̻̼͕͔̱̱̲͈̼̥͉̖̦͔͚̬̮̲̟̫͓̳̜̞͙̬̘̜̫͈̺̬̯̩̺͉̲̞̺͔͖̹̤̘̫̹̳̹̼̘̭̞̤͉̞̥̺͕̖̳̝̼̦͓͔͓̬͚̝̙͍͖̖̜̦̞͍͔͍̲̝̻͙͓͚̜̞͍̖͉͚̱͙̩͓̳̯̘̖̞̣͔̬̤̼̹̻̬̥͕͓̭͕͉̘̟͈̫̫̲͖͚͕͓̮͉̜̝̲̠̠̦̬̳̖͔͈̲̗̳̯̙̭̰̠͎͚̙̫̬̣̖͉̟̜̼͓͚͎͙̮̖̦̩͇͉̼̼̬̫͓̹͕̦̖͙̝̭̦̟̖͔͕̺̖͖̭̟̤̻̞̩͇̲̱͕͚̯̲̤͔̼͙̩̠͎̭̫̻̣̦͕̗̮̭̼͙͔̲̖̳͙̜̖̫̜̲̪͉̤̠̯̩̻̼̮̼̝̠̖̭̣̼͙̟̪̞̘̳̙̝̰̭̀̆̊̍̀̒̋̽́͂̉̈́͛̒̆͑̓͊̓̽̏̅̎̋̎̃̈̒̈́͛̔͛̑̓͊̃̐͒̈̓͂̓́̆̍̑͌̽̉̃̃̃̔͛͊͋̒̿͆̏͊́̿͆͑̓̾̋̿͛̂̉͌̔͋͋̓̾̇̒̌̈͌͋́͆͑͋͗̎͊̐̄͌͗̈́̈́̾̾̾͊̀̈́͆̓͌͑͌͑̑̑̓͌̈́̓̒̊̐̉̏͐̊̇̈͛̍̍̈́̃́̆̅̃̽̀̇̿̇͛̂̔̎͗́̎̆̄̏͒̓̅̌̌̋͋̀͆̾̓̏̍̌͆́͛̓̓͐͒͒̓͆͊̔̿̉̀̑͛̄͊̄̿̈̽̒͌̈́̏͐͋͂̉͗͐̈́͌͗̓̋̊̚̕̕͘̚̕̕̕͘͘̕̕̕̕̚̚͘͘̕͘̚̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅç̵̡̧̡̧̛̛̛̦̦̣̬͇̬̜̺̲̹̥̮̣̗̩̙̖̹͔̦̦͇̟̝̖̲̘͇̭̥̯̪̦̲̪͓̼̫͓̩̯̱͉̱̟͖͇̝̗͉̹̪̲̪͖̹͔͎̹̟͚̣̬̘̼̳͙̳̦͙̹̳̟̫̲̯̗͚̖̠̪̃͆̂̄́̉͒͗̊̏͗̉̎̐̀̀̐̈́̏̎́̑̆̿̒̓͗̎̆̏͊̊̀̐̀̇̑́̈̈́͛͒̑̊̌̈͋̓̈́̽̈́̈́̓͑̈̑͒̓̈́̎̐̆̃̊̀̃̂̎̍̇̽̊̽͊̈̊̉̃̏͂͑͑͂̋͂̊͒̈́̕͘͘̚͘̕̕̕̚͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝ä̵̡̡̧̢̢̡̨̨̧̢̡̡̨̨̛̛̱̬̦̥̪͉͍͙̤͕̥͕̬̰̦̪͔͚͍̱͇̭̙̼͍̺̪̱̦̭̱̞͕͖̥̱͎̩̳̝̦̥͍̳̣͔͈̬̳͚̥̘̙͎̟̗̩̻̠͇͎͎̝̰͖̰͍̬̞̥͔͔͔̱̪̝̮̤̬̦͚̰̥̹͇̻͉̟̻̙͚̙͈̳̥̭̪̫̫͍̙̣̟͕̰̳͚̞͎̙͚̝̩̯̟̩̣̦̤͍̺͎̞͎̜̳̜̜̞̝͈͇͈̻̫͚̠͈̠̹͙͉̠̣̦͍͔͈͈̳̦͍͇͉͓̘͓̼̜̟̫̣͔͔̯͇͈̮̳̯́͂́̓͐̔̓͌͐̓̈̆̈́́̇̉̾̀̽̈͊̉̈́̇̽̐̄͐̽͌̽͑̾̾͑̃̀̾̉̉̾͛͂̈̒̏͗̆̈́̉̽̀͒̇̓̎̚̚͜͜͜͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅn̴̢̨̨̨̢̧̧̧̧̡̧̨̡̢̨̢̨̡̧̢̛̛̛̛̛̛̖̫̘͔͍̞̦̳̞̳̺͎̖͍̪̙̮̹͉̦̥̳̯̞̦̬͖̣̞̻̥̠̣̗͉̮͉̦͚͖̪͖̖͔͍̬̱̼͚͔̖̩͕̰͙̱͈͈̝͔̹͕̬͖̜̟̩̰̖͎̖̹̱̩̟̭̻̞̱͚͚͕̫̩̗̲̭̠̺͇̳͈͖̟̺͕̰̦̮̯͇͖͎̝͇͔̬̘̮͓̫̣̪̖̤̙͍̩̘͇̮͚̹͍̙̫͈̳̫͇̥͚͕͉͖̫͖̻̮̫̙̫̰̞͕̲̳̖̝͓͓̖̤̟̣̘̗̮̤͍͙̻̺̹̬̱͚̓̒͌̎̒́̍́̈́̒̈́͗͗̈̽̀͊̽̆̊̔̃͂͑̌̑̈́͛͋͆̍̀̈͐̓͒͒̊̾̓̏̈́̈͒̾͆͐͗͌̅͑̅͋̆̅̓̀͗͐̏̃́̍̿͐͋̐̒͊͑̏̅͐͛̀̆̏͋͛̂̊͗̄̑͌̇̇̓̅̆̐͒̒̃̐̀̑̀̃̓͂͗̎͌̑̽͒̈́͛̿͌̊̀͛̂͆̿͌̎̋̓̈́̄̃͂͆̋̈͑͂͗̓̿̉̎̉̾͐̏̑͛̅̐̇̂͒̾̏̅͌͆̏͛͆̐̉̿͆̇͋̃̇̀̆͆̑̐̑́͊̂͗̐̂́͂̃̿̋͂̊̋̔̆̓̂́́̈̉͘͘̚̕̚̕̕̚̕̕̚͘͘͘͘̕͜͜͜͝͠͠͝͝͠͠͠͝͠͠͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̶̡̡̡̧̧̢̡̧̨̡̢̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̻͕͚͈̝̫̘̰͍̝͍͇̠̰̖̳̬̣̯̯͉̮̣̬͍̟̳̣̭̰͉͈̪̥̦̱̪̠̬͙̜̼̦̪̭͇̥̞̟̝̼̗̪͔̙̳͙̩͇̙̗̹̱̳̱̟̲̳͉̭̦̹̳̣̩̭̤͎̤̜͆͌͌͗̒́̐̋̓͐̀͗̅̉̌̀͌̈́͗̿̓̃̽̊̊̀͛̒̃͋̋͒̆̒͌̉̈́͆̌̀̈̓̈́̈̂̈̀̈́͌̾̌̇̽̒̓̇́̈́̓̿̓̌̑̆̏̌͑̍̊̐̽͐̀͌̊͛͊̔͐̇͑̉̂̀̇̏̿̏̎̈́͑͆̈́̀̀̀͆̈́̀̔̂̈́̋̒̏̓̓̽̂̎̊̋͗͋̌̆̑͛͗̑͆̉͋̿̓͗͋̑́̐̊͑̀̍̈́̎́̂̑̊̓͑̓̌̈́͛̐̈̎̾́͋̈́̂̈́̆̀̒̌̾͌̈̂͊̊̽̅̀̑̈͛͌̃͊́͋̓͒̀̀̇̓́̄̋͒͛̉̽̀̉̄̒̅͌̀̾͌́̓̒̑̓͋̓̓̈́̐̃̀̎͗̋̆̿̓͐͂̈͋̈́̒̇̉̈́̀́̓͐̅̌̑́̈́̏͛͑͌͌̋̍̈̅̏̐̃̉͑͒̒̓̋̊͘̕̚̕̚̕͘̕̚͘͘͘̕̚͘̕͜͜͜͜͠͠͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅŗ̸̧̨̡̨̛̛͓̱͎͈̩̦̬̻͕͍̫͎̗͎̺̝̥̫̞̫͙͖͙͍̙̳̭̯̪̞̼̩͉̭̜͎̣͇̤̤̮͕̺̤̱̻̫̯̰̖͎̺̻̫̰͈̬̖̯͕̝̣̱̹̞͇͈̼̘͉̭̩̖̬͔̼͓̻̲͆̏̒̎̈́̃̃́͗͒̈́̄͒̀̈́̄͌̍́͗̒̾̒͘͘̕͜͝ͅͅͅĕ̴̢̧̛̛̛̛̛̱̫͚͕̞͕̘͍̪͚͉͕͕̲͇̤̰͎̝͉͔͕̙͙̖̘̺̋̀̀̃̅͂̎͐̈́̿̏͒̐̄͆̈́̌̅̀̐̓͋̎͌̈́̓̑͑́͂̐̿̅͋̓͑̈̈́̓̍̇̾͐͐̉̀̉̒͛͌͗̎̓̎̉̅̓͊͌͑̾̋̈̃̏̃͋͐̈́̀̐̑̄͐̉́̃̽͂̔̀̅́̓̓̌͐͗̇͗̀̈̐̑̀̈́̀́̓̔́̒̈̌̄̈́͆͒̈̈́͐̆́̈́̔̓̈́̑̓̓͐̋̓̅̄̔̌͋͌̈̓͊͒̋̉̉͒̀̀͋̋͂̒̄͆̌̿̂͋̍̊̑̆̆̀̊̎͑̋̔͒̔̈́̽́̓̽̀̅̿̇͑̐̑̐͊̊̍̋̉̋̽̎͊̄̅̉̓͛̏̿̽̽̿̀̀̈́͋͌̏͒͑̒̇͗͆̽͌͋̄͛̉̉̊͌̈̈́̌̂̾̓͒̐͑́̎͋̒̾̉̈́͌̍̇͐̋̎̈́̆͑̆͌̿̎́͘̚͘̕͘̚̕̚͘͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅạ̸̡̨̨̨̧̢̧̡̡̨̧̡̢̢̧̡̡̨̨̧̢̡̧̡̡̨̢̧̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͎̺͈͔̖͕̻̱̙̹̙͎̱̖̱͉̣̖͉̜͙̝̳͔̟̯̳̯̠͉̪̰̼̻̞̯͖̣̣̼͉͈̦̳̝̯̹̼̤͈͚̼̣͍̤̯͔̱̯̹̯̙͇̖̫͙̭̮̦̰͕̱̣̣̘̭͚̜̖̪̥̫͚̟͎̫̗̦̰̪̰̩͉̻͖̳̪͈͙̩͙͕̼̲̟͎͎͖̻̣̳̹͉̟͔̠̤̝̣̯͍̣̤̖͇̘̤̥͙̬͉̤͎͈̫̮͈͈̥̝͚͇̘̻͈̠̥̼̹̺̦̳͉̦͕̹̪̹̺̘͚̠͔̹͔̱̰̜̗̗̟̣̪̜̹̞͓̗͇̣̫̼̪̖̤͇͖͖͉̙̤̙͕̳̭̣͔͍̟̫͕̜̈́̓͒͊̈́̈́̋͆̽̇̆̇̉̈̾͌̇̌̋̊͋͑̒̌̽̾̽̎͌̊̈́̃̓̏̅͗̎̔̎̑̅̀̑͊̊͑͆̎̄͛̊̍̓̓̒̈́̍̀̽͂̈́̎͐̆̇̂̋̒̔͐͒̑͌̅̅̒͑̿̽̊̿̄̄̄̅͆̌͑̌̈͑̈́͐͗̆̅̃͒̃̑͌̂͑̃͋͊͗͒̿̈́̉͊̀̌̀̽̅͑͑̔̀̑̀̀̐͊͒́̓̀̈̑͋̒̓̆̀̈́́̋̋̈́̑̔̈́̄̔͗̏͋̌̽̑̋̓̆̅̓̒̎̊̏̈́̓́͒͋̃̅̉͗́͂̇̀̇̀̽͊̿͘͘̕͘͘̕͘͘̚͘̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅd̸̡̨̢̢̡̧̨̨̡̨̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͉͓̪͎̜̰̣̹̣̥͚̺̟̳͚̺͇̮̼̪̠͓͔̟̘̹̬̗̰̭͍͎̰̙͕̜͙̖̫͈͎̟͓̠̠̖̘̦̦̯̱̪̳͎̻̰͚͈̩̻̫̝͕͚͚̖͎̪̮̟͕̘̼̤̪̥̲̖̞̺̲͇͚̬͙̖͔̣̖̭̺͎͓̹̺̖̥͈̣̞͚͍͎͓̪̙̘̤̘̰̟̼̗̭̣͖̮̝͎̭͚̜͈̪͍̰̜̦̼̯͓̳̩̥̿͆́̉͂̈́̓́̽̎̍̒̅̏́̄̑͆̽̌̌͛̀̃̀̓͆̊̽̈̔͌̓̏͒̾̈́̓͆̐͋͋̉̅̍̎̽́̈̃̓̑͑̏̏̒̂́̔̈́͂̂̈́̑͂͑̊͑͒͛͆̐̀̐̆̈́͛̎̾̽͑̎̿̈̌̌̂̀̽̎̈́̑̐̌̀̓̓̒̃̋̎̊̈́̎͗̑̽͛̍̿̿̀͋̽̍͂͌̈́͑͛̍͒̉̄̈͗̊̄͆̆͐͆̍͊̋̓̐̎̌͛̀̎͛̊͊̍͌̔̒̏̀̄͋̋̓͒̇̌͊̍̇͐̓͊̑̃́͆̅̓͆̆̐̽̐͛̔͛͊͗͌̀̃̈́͂̀̈́̈́̇̑̇̊́͂͑̉̔̃͐̀̐̔̄̔̈́͑̄̔̃͂͛̏͐͗̒͊̈́̉̂͌̽̈́̅̅͛̈̅̚̕͘̕͘̕̚͘̕͘̕̕̚̚͘̚̚͘̕̚̕̕͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅ ̴̡̢̢̡̢̨̨̨̡̢̢̡̢̧̨̨̡̢̢̢̢̨̧̧̢̡̡̛̛̛̣̪̱͉̰̰̰̦̘̗͕̬̫̭͙̘̰̲̘̘̣̹̻͚̼͖͙̼͔̩͚̗̗͖͉͉̟̺͕̻̲͍͙̪̰̘͔̦̤͖̻͉͙͕̙̱̗̹͔̳̠̖̩͈̙̫͖̠̗͙͍͖͎̮̰͉͖̲͕͖̣̲͓̬̖̯̱̻̝͚̪̞̼̰͕͙̰͍̩̣̼̲̘̜͈̺̫͇͙͇̜̝̞̩̻͍͇̭̘̙͔̜̭̲͈̞̦̱̥̤̟̜̱̤̼͕͖̪̺̤̠͙̙̼͉̻̣̬̩̙͖̳̺̩̮̙̦̦̱̬͎̦͕̪̩̩̠͕̘̦̼̘̤̘̮̫̺͕͈̼̜̘͍͔̯͈͈̲͍̭̠̼̮̥̮̺̝̮̱͈̘͍̜͚̲̪͇͔̯̭̜̗̙̰̯̟͈̤̬̬͕̩̤̩̗̥̱̻̟̱̟̱͉̼̬͙̤͔̬̤̙̤̰̳̪̱̭̯̙̬͖̠̼̻͎͇̍̎͐̎̓͊͊͛̌̎͆́̈́̀̽͂͐͂́̓̓̃̐̇͋͐͛̾́́́̍͋͂̀̇̿̔̆̾̿̃̈́̎̎̈́̓̆̈̒̋̂̆̐̑͋̓̃́̇̒̓̈́̿͑͂̏̾̂̓̊͋̈́̈̽͗̉́̿̋̔̀͆̐̆̄̓̅͌̈̈̍̋̑͊̂̋̉̂̅̂̀̊̆́̓̇̔̽͗̂̍̈̆̈̾̔̏̈́̓͒͛̓͑͂̉̉̔̌͋̄̾̇̓̇͆͊̾̀̏̈̆̈̆̐̎̃͊̎̔̂̈́͋̑̈́́͗̐̾̂͊͌̀̇͛̊̃̈́͑̓́̑͑̃̀̿̎̀͊̅̓͂̇̉̍̈́̓͆̈́̂̉̂̔̍̇̄͐̉̀̇̓̓͑͌͌͑̂̀̿̓̈́̾̾̋̀̃̓̓̍͑͑̇́̃́͘̕̚̚͘͘̚̕̕̚̚̕̕̚̕͘̕̕͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅț̵̢̨̨̨̧̧̨̡̡̨̨̢̧̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̺̻̳̮̲̺͎͖̩͇̬̭̠̞̙̻͔̥̙̖̩͉̰̥̻͙͔̙͈̰̣̳̜̲̟͚̰̟͇̪̖͉̹̘̺̻͔̜͚͙̖̗̭̣͍̙̱͍̖͎̗͉̻̙̲̬͙̰̟̺̯̮͇̞̳̱̯̜͓͚̫̰̰̜̮̥̝̱̜̩̺̦̥͚͍̹̜̞͚͇̙̠̮̜͇̭̲̠͕̰̼̭͇̲̩̬̻̰͕̖͓͕͔̮̯͈͙̞͈̞͇͈̼̦̭̭͉͔̥̤͇͇̳̫̪̟͍͈̠̝̪̠̒͌̍͋͒̀̉̀̉̀̆̑͐͆̄̎̉̃̓̔̉͛̉̀̊́̃͊̿͋̎̈́̈͆͒͛͐̅̑̿̍͌̈́̀̉̏͂̋̈́́̏̓̓̅̿̈́̑͋̑̈͒̓́͗̄͐̍̆́͋̂͊́̀͑͂́͆̌̊̈́̈́̄̽͐͐̀̐͆͆͂́͛̑̓͌̓͗͆̏́̿̑̿̑̀́̍͂̾̽͊͛̓͂̔͛̿̋͌̒̓͆́̂͊̀̔͗̎̂̄͋̋̇̄͗͛̑̌̌̐͆̀̿͛̐͊̌̅̏͆̊́̐̎͛̅́͌̓̆̉̂̏̇̀͊̏̅̆̍̀̔̾̋̈̂̂͂̈́͒̏́̓͑̇̄̇͑̂͋̀͊̏̒̂́͂͗̄͒̓͂͗̈́̓͒̃͑̋̐̃̒̄͌̋̒̐͗̿̍͛̾̈̔́̒̉͆̿̈́̀̀̀̓̂̄̉͆̔͗̕̚̚̚̕̚̕̕͘̚̕̚̕̕͘͘̕̚͘͘͘͘̕̕̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅh̸̨̡̧̡̧̢̡̢̢̨̡̨̧̨̢̡̨̧̧̡̡̨̡̡̨̨̡̧̢̨̧̧̢̧̨̢̢̨̨̢̛̛̛͇̮͔̳̹̺̥̪̤̭̩̠͔̖̜͕̰͇̞͇̺̣͉͕̼̩̖̮̜̙̯͉̯̳̥̙̩̺̹͙̱̠̰̠̺̖̙͍̙̲̦̝͓̬̭̖̥̦̫̖̘̫͓̦͙͓̭̪̻͚̰̼͈̖̝̩̼̼̩̞̙͚̩͙͍̤̯̻̘̖̻̝̞̺͉̫͎̼̲͓̮͕͖̠̭̝͙͇͍̟̘̣͖̦̹̪̦͚̥̘̹͔͉͍͓̭̪̝͈̪̬͈̻͎̲̗̟̫̤̼̫͎̳̗̦̲̯͔̳̹͔̘̖͙̼̮̤̤̤̥̦͈͈̥̤̠̰͇̜̟̪̰̼̗̰̟̹͉͔̭̩̞͖̯̜̩̼̩̺̺̱̟̼̼̞̞͖̺̖͎̣͈̞̮͍̝̰̤̞̫̳͓͓͔̝̘̩͉̼͕̬̱̼̺̮̪͔̪̱̺̯͖͓̟̥̳̦̣̥̭̣̤͇̲̦̤̝̻̰̉̏͂̎͛̍̉̒̾́̆̄̏̊͂̌̃̏̀̆̍̏̏͑͛͆̽̍̾̀̓̾͑̈́̑̃̃̀̽̎͑̏̀̀̓̒̆̐͑͊̂̾̾̅̌̾̇͌̋̑͑͌͐̌̽̐͂̾̋͒͒̂́̀̎̑̽̎͒̽̾̓̌̒́̓̄̆͂͋̌́̈́͂̈́̋͐̿͛̍̈́̔͌͛͑̓̈́̔̄͊́̅̈́̈́̑̊͗̾͆̄̚͘͘̚̚̕̕͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅȋ̵̢̧̨̨̢̧̢̡̧̡̢̢̡̢̧̡̧̢̛̛̛̹̠̲̝̞̱̰͙͈̝̱͈̗͇̗͖͈̣̭̞̟̜͈̘͎̭̟̫̻͔̤͕̙͈͎̰̲̻̟̥̺̝̮͔̥̘͎̲̭̱̟̱̗̼͍̻̖̪̦̻͖̳̗̠̩͎͕̦̮͚̗͉͍̙̼̗͙͔̪̫̜͙͔͍͎̹̲̮͉̲̭͉̪̬͕̲̫̬̬̼̮͙̫̪͖̱͉͙̫̱̙̟͎̭̺̯̯̪̲̝̳͖͈̯̫͓̤͚̱̞̰̞̮͓̝̺̲̮͉̱̰̗̦̺͚̣̼̤̖͚̺̜̹̲̼͚͇̫͓̝̠̭̪̪̣̥̥̱̔͛̆̉͂̎̎̎̍͛̈́́̋̊̓̄̎͛͋̈́́́̓̎̂͌̀͑̀͑̓͊̉̄̇̏̀̈͐̇̀͐̇̔͌͛͒̐̈͆̂̈́̾͗͋̄͒̆̓́̍̀͐͗̄̔̊̓̆̒͗̓̾͐̍̽̃̈́͛̾̓̀̀͒̔̐̋͋̈́̎̾͆̽̓̂̾̾̀̀̒͑́̓̓̊̇̎̌̃̿̓̿͋͂̾͌̎̂͂̈́̈́̀̿̓̉̇̂̏͛͗̽̔̓̎̂̔͘͘̕̚̕͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅs̴̡̹̝̻̪̟͕̙̳̖̝̰̯̦̳͌̾̄̊̆̂̆̋̍́̓́͊̌̔̆͐̽̀̈́̈́̍͒̓͛͗͑͌͋̉̋͋̾̐̊̂̍̑̍̀̌̅̾̈͌̒͌͋͛̒̔̇̑̆̈̈̚̕̚̕̕̕͝͝͠͝͝͝ ̷̨̡̧̡̡̧̛̛̛̛̙͖̤͇̗̤̠͇͍̝̹̱͕̯͇̣̤̮̰̪̤̺̗͓̰̪̹͈̺͚̦̤̼̩̞͈͚̦̞͕̭̺̮̞̮͖͇̟̰̤̞͍̬͖̺̻͕͚͉̱̺͔̮͓̮̟̭̮̮̘̤͇̦͕̠̯͙̥̯͖̜̯̹̰̬̣̬͕̜͎̌̄̒͌̈́́̒̂͐̋̐̇̉̅̒̍̌̅̓̓̓͆͌̓̀̽̈́̓́̊̌̀̋̓̽͛̑̈̈́͋̓͑̿̄̆͋͑̀͐͑͂̊̍̅͌̒͋́̂̇̑͒̎̈́͗͐̀̃̈́̋͗̍͋͛̓̍͑̽͊̒̾͗͑̓̓̊̑͌̋̿̃̊͂́̾͌̏͐̑̈́̄̉̂͋̌̐̈́̏̐̈́̓̀͂̌̐̄̈́̏̈́̑̄̀͌̀̒͑͑̔̄̎͌̊̈́͗̾͊͑̽̓̓͑̅̈̓͊͗̓̑͗̌̓̎̉̇͗̽̈́̄̆͂͂̓̀̓̒͌̍̋̓͐͛̊̒̓̎̌̅̀́̋̀̊̌̂̽͋̔́̅͒̏̍̍́̀̀̇͐̒̉̆͂̊̎͑̏͗̚͘̚͘̕͘̚̕̕͘̚̚̚͘͘̚̕͘͘̕͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅţ̸̡̧̨̡̢̣̦͓͖̖̭̹͔̻̟̜͍̮͙͓͖͚̻̮̳̰̳̺͕̼͉̙̦̲̭̰͓̹̬͇̣͇̣̦̹̗͔̰͍̜͇̜͔̻͕̲̭͈̦͉͈̦̠̳̠̣͌͆̈́̊̍̈́̐̋̂̓̏͒̃͐̊͌̈͗̐̊̀͆̌̌͗͋̿̆̉̍͐̈́͊̆͛̅͑͆̅̾́̾̃̉́̈́̍́̈́̃̈́̓͑͗̋̚̕͝͠͠͝͠͠͝͝h̸̨̢̨̡̨̨̢̡̡̡̡̨̨̨̡̡̛̻̰̻̮̹͎͉̰͍̝̬̮̣̱͙͈͙͇̻̻̞̦͍̩͍̣̱̺̠̼̗̦̩͉̖̮̱̤͔͈̹͔͓̤͍̹͔͖͙͕̳̲͎̠̩̗͉͓̮̣̖̘̟̞̭͕̯͙̯̲͚̠̞̼̺̙͉̳̪̙̗͖̝̦͉̗̜͓̼̠͍̟̪̠̺̥̞̥̺̺͎̥̤͙̙̩̦̣̖͎̖͇̹̪̯̪̖͎̲̳̳̥̮̩̮̝͎̤͇̩̝͈̱͕̲̣͎̫̯̞̣͉͖͓̲̭͚̠̹͖̳͚̫̙͖͔̲̦͇̥͙͓͈͈̲̭̙̳̙̙̣̥̹̠̻̀̃̾̽̈̇͒̒͋̀͑͋̇̽̓́̍͋͑͗̓̈́̋̈͌̎̓̍̊̿̔͂̾̊̃̏͛̎̋̓̇͐̌́̉̄̾̾̓͑̓̈́͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅę̸̡̡̧̧̨̧̨̨̨̛̛̛͙͍͓͎͈͔͎̰̖͙̳̻̺̗͉̩̙͍̼̺̖̖̺̪͕͉͙̦̗̯̬̜̩̳̙͕͈̤͔̮̻̬̲̦̱̲̜͇̞̰̘̪̱̙̱̖͈̣̰̲͙̫̳̠͕̩̳̞̗̬̞͇̰͇͓͓̯͔̰͓̯̣̦̹͈̘̲̮̫̠̞̞͔̪̫͇͍̳͖̩͖̠͙̰̖̗̪͓̹̟͍̺̗͕̘̳̱̖̗̗̹̝̲̯̣̻̦͓̝̜͎̙̥̱̭̫̞̭̤̺̼̻̠͙̩̭̗̘͎͉͈͍̖̜͕͎͎͙̱͉̞̰̬̀̀̽̀̑͂̽̓̃̾͐̀́̋͒́̂̉̋͋͑̐̃͂͂́͗̈́̔̓̏̽̇́͋̈͒̈́̇̓́̅̍̒̐̈́͛̎̋̄̅͋͂̔̂͐́̍̊̓͗̊̀̈́̀̅̒̒̑̓͑͛͂̃̃̿͌̈̾͑̀͗͋͒̈́̅̑̄̾̈͒̌͑̐̂̏̎̈́̽̇̑͋̓̆̂̀̎̀̄̈́͑͛̄̍̒̾͛̅̅̔͑͆̽̈́̍̾͑̾͐͆̎̓̍̑͑̾̾͐̅̌̄̀̂̎̓͐̈́͑̅̐̿̅̃͋̋̄͆̃̍͛̃̿̒̑̾̀̍̒͌̈́͒͐̑̌̍͐̔̿́́̾̈́͋͐͐̑̀̀̇̽͂͊͑͂̽̈͐̂̒͐̉̔̌̋͛̑̀̏̏͒̍̽͆̎̏̒̈́̋̈́̀͊͆̅̒̋̅̿̒̅̀̅̕͘̚̚̕͘̕̕̕̕̕̕̕̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅn̴̡̨̧̡̢̢̛̛͚̠̪̰̤̫̖͎̖̦̺̮̤̟̼͉̣̮͚̞̫͔̝͕̞̯̩͈͓̥͚̹̹̝̗̞͉͚̼͖̩͖̝̟̝͍̺̞̭͕̜͉̫̱͚̙̼͍̘͉͙͕̜̱͈̟̥͎̞̭̬̳̩̗̤̘̗̻̦͖̾̀̇͛͌̏̈́̎͆̒̽̍̃̐̃̐̀̽̍̇̃̊̓̉̆͒̎̏̃̽͗̆̽̒̈́̑̓́͋̀̃̅́͑͛́͑̊́̽̽̋̎̋̽͛͐̂͒́̈́̕͘͘̕͘͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅ ̵̡̢̢̡̡̢̡̡̧̡̧̧͙̫̞͇̟̼̣̦̗͓̝͔͖͖͈̤̜̣̦͙͎̺̤̤̱̟̯͈̖̱̜̱̙͖̺͇̯̖̪̳̗͚̻̥̮̬̝̺͈̩̯̤̮̟͇̟͈̳̱̬͔͎͓̞̹͉̬̮̦̠̣͎̱̮̙̮̫̘͙̮̤̪̝̻̹̯̦͇̦̜̙̯͙̲͓͙̩͍̤̥̜͖̙̤̙̲̝̟̗̳͖̭̼̲͈͎̗̪̻͍̣̮̖̤̲̰͙̰̥͓̤̥̗͈̣̣̟͚̘͇̣̇̏͊̈́̎̒͜͜ͅͅḧ̷̢̨̢̧̢̡̧̢̡̢̨̡̧̧̧̧̢̧̢̧̢̢̢̛̛̛̛̛̛̞̬̝̰͈̲̫̖͖̥̮̫̬̳͉̙̤̳̦͍̣͚̳̣͙͖͙͖̯̝͕̳͔͈̜̯̟̰̖̦͍̘̩̲̹̭̝̞͉͈̣̞͓̜͎̤̣̦̦̬̠̟̮̣͈̤͙͓̟̤̘̻̠̙͍̲͙̩͕̬̭̹̤͚̻͚̮͙̞͙̼̥̻̺͓̻̠͓̲͕̝̤̖̟̼̜̣̙̭̬̗̱̲͖͙̙͎͉̰͙̗̹͎̤̩̝͖͕̰̝̯̠̙̯̭̣͚̜̫̘̖̩͈͉̺̹̫͎̱͉̖̘͚͓͍̻͍̞̣͓̪̭̖̘͉̯̬̜͇̘̝̞̹̤͎̬͕̥̮̞͕̳̫͇͓̜͇͓͖̼͓̭̘͕̑̒̂̃̊̂͂̔̋̃͐͒̓̓̽̀̇̌̀̍̎͂̿͆̇̊̉̆͐̿͌́̂̈́͋̈́͑̔̒̆̎́̂̌͐́̃͒̀̆̊̽̏̑͒̈́͑̔͋̆͋̽́͒̒̇̀̓̈̈́͆͐̊̓͋̾̿̋̃̀̌͒̂̀̎̓͒̋̈̌͊̿̈͐̐̂̒̇͐̈́̍̑̎̏̄̄͗̎̂̇͗̐̐̈̉͂͊̎́̓̒̈́̈͊́̐̄̀̄̀͂͋̆̆̈́̌̆̂̑̍̏̈̏̍́̋̃̊͐̾͐̎̂̍̈͒̀̋̉͗̈́̂̈́͊̂̒̈̆́̔̓́̀͋͑̂̈́̔̀̚͘͘̕̕̚̚̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͝͠͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅi̷̡̡̢̢̡̡̢̧̨̛̛̬̯̮̞͇̲̜̱͉̦̙̟͎̭̭̻̲̘̯̦̭͖̹͍͓͓̰͙̥͎̼̦̗͓̬̗̯͔̺͇̹̭͇͕̝̗̘̭̦̙̻̣̦̠̥̼̞͖͍̝̺̦͇̳̫̱̬̺̬̱̖͚͎̣̗̞̯̯͎̗͎͈̪̗̟̯̘̼͙̪̜̭̭̥͇͙̩̫͕̠̲̥͓̪̙̺͕̹̯̗̗̠͕͎͓͎͉̹͙͔̗̞̼̺̞͉͓̪̹̙̖̗̻̜̦̻̗͚̼͖̼͔̭̟̜͔͕̥̩͋̂̃̿͗̐̽̄́̓̈́͆̃̎̅̽̐̂̀͑̏̔͗́̆̀͂̅̉̽̄́́̒̀́̈́́̆͆̂̇̈́́̿͆̽̓̊̊̊̆̊̓̂̎̿̓̉̒̓̽̍͑̎̔̽̊̓͌̈́̑̄͐͛̉̀̍̎̈́̈́͒̇̉̂͐̉͆̈͒̆͛͐̎̋̎͛̀̊̏̀́̅̒͑̕͘͘̕̕̚̕͘͜͜͜͜͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅ

phew we're safe down here

you deserve a cookie 🍪

actually, two 🍪🍪

you don't know true power until you have a ban hammer in your possession

forreal tho i could find anyone with a furry profile picture and ban

send me video links and i will feed you watch time

why did i bring a fork i'm eating a sandwich

y'all do realize i have school and its not like i can be on the wiki 24/7 riteeee

discord, spotify, steam, and after effects all just start screaming at me when i first open up my pc

sorry, but i hate gacha life

i just threw dinner on accident because i burned myself on the oven

holy heck it's already june

ok seriously can someone tell me if people actually read these or am i writing these for my own personal entertainment

oh hey y'all

whenever i don't update this for a long time it's because my brain cells stopped working and i died for a few days but it's okay

the abbreviation "ajpw" is gross like idk what it is about it but it's really annoying-

maybe that's just me being picky but idk it's weird

cole sprouse and leonardo dicaprio are lowkey the same person

also the dolan twins aren't cute

teehee 😌


this is so sad :<

i only just realized that im probably not going to do any of my summer plans pepeMeltdown

can someone fangirl over musicals with me (especially if it's about michael or jeremy from bmc)

nevermind my best friend is in love with brayden


im having a constant aneurysm




does anyone here have twitch

not gonna lie that was kind of a brug moment

wow this is really me when [REDACTED]

  • voice crack*

did i really just forget that melody?

i tried to stop fangirling and ended up fangirling over someone else instead

imagine having a good sleep schedule

why is the detroit become human soundtrack so underrated? it's really good. game soundtracks can easily be the best part of games.

stal is always going to be the worst minecraft disc though. don't even try to argue with me.


i'm gonna have a mental breakdown

i just rammed my head several times into a wall

i'm pretty sure i'm spaced out right now

update: maybe the dolan twins are cute

i wanna live in canada </3

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