aka Fact

  • I live in somewhere in this beautiful world :)
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is looking for treasures in Jamaa
  • I am somebody
  • Bio Hi, I’m Fact. My favourite book is The Prince Of Mist :)
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Hello and welcome to my user page! :) English is not my first language, so I may make grammar mistakes etc. Feel free to correct me. I am a former admin of this wiki.

Click here to look at random things I have collected all the variations of: User:Faci50/Collections.

Click here to look at things I currently don’t have all the variants of: User:Faci50/Incomplete Collections

If you happen to have any variations of items I collect that I don’t have feel free to leave a message on my message wall.

Have a nice day,


  • Why did a staff member undo my edit(s)? I’m sure x item is worth x amount. If you have changed the worth of something, the staff member may have not agreed with your edit. You can always ask them why they think that item isn’t worth that amount. Also we all have different opinions and that is ok. If you still disagree with the person you can always show proof such as trade attempts.
  • Am I allowed to create pages? Of course, don’t be shy to add pages. You can always ask a staff member for help or suggest the item on the Suggest Items Here Page. Just keep in mind that we won’t add items that aren’t worth much, like if they are in touch pool or in stores.
  • How do I become a content moderator? You need to edit almost every day, have 500 or more edits on pages and your edits must be of good quality. You must be mature and helpful. Only a bureaucrat or admin can make someone a content moderator.
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