• How are you? I was stalking the wiki and discovered this user cursed here! 

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    • Thanks Saiko took care of it.

      Im good, How about you anyway?

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    • I'm doing fantastic! :D

      The only downside to being on vacation is I'm constantly getting a sunburn, due to my skin being so fair. I even constantly slather sunscreen on, I guess it's just not enough. XD

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    • Great to hear!!

      How are you on holiday?!? Didn't you hear that's there's a pandemic. Jk

      Hope you are having fun, also I hate sunscreen but I hate sunburn more so I always use it. Enjoy your holiday!! Stay safe

      Also how is ChunkyPug doing? Hope she's fine!! 💛🌼

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    • I thought the same, honestly!! We did some research on this area to make sure it's safe (COVID-wise), and apparently it passed the test! Everyone seems to be wearing masks in public, so that's great! 

      Thank you so much! We are having fun, it's slightly stressful trying to stay away from everyone when we're in public, but other than that it's a really fantastic.

      Chunky tested negative! We still quarantined her, in case it was a different virus, but we are thrilled! 

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    • You're so lucky 🍀  that you were able to go on holidays this summer/fall-ish. I was supposed to travel to another concert this year but due to cursed COVID-19 I couldn't but its ok.

      Happy to hear she is ok!!

      Have fun in the sun, Majestic Mam

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    • Ye, we were so excited to go! 

      Oh no! That sounds obnoxious, what concert was it?

      Ye, Tysm for asking!!


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    • A FANDOM user
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