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Hi, and welcome to the community section of the wiki! Here you can find our moderators and admins, and helpful tips for editing!

Our Staff + Helpers!

James is our incredible Server Owner! You can report any server issues or concerns to James.

Popping is our amazing Bureaucrat! You can report any scammers, vandals, or suspicious people to Popping.

Cyruki is our awesome Admin! You can report any scammers, vandals, or suspicious people to Cyruki as well.

Trick is our wonderful Content Moderator! You can report and vandalism, incorrect worths, or pages needing an update to Trick.

Boba is are our cool Discussion/Thread Moderator! You can report anyone that's harassing you/being rude to you.

We do not have helpers at this time. You can report incorrect worths, pages needing an update, or any issues to our bureaucrats or admins.

Editing Tips!

-If you are adding in worths, make sure to link the items AND change the date when the page was last updated.

-Use proper grammar.

-If you are editing bigger items (Ex: the Rare Bowtie or the Rare Heart Antennae Headband page), make sure to provide proof (trading attempts/proofs)!

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