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This Item is Extremely Uncommon.
This item is very uncommon and few people have it. The owner might not want to trade it.

Sun Hat Graphic .png

Last Updated: 5/14/22

The Rare Sun Hat is a clothing item worn on the head. It was released in August 2015 and removed later that month. This item is extremely uncommon, there are hardly any of these in-game now.

Note: This item has a Salesman Variant. Watch out for the differences - the original one will always have a “Rare!” tag. Don't get scammed.

Purple Light Blue Hot Pink Dark Blue Green Yellow
10 White Rare Bowties; May Go For More Hard To Value; Few In Game (Owners May Not Want to Trade It) Hard to Value; 2 in Game (Owners May Not Want to Trade It) Hard To Value; 1 in Game (Owner May Not Want to Trade It) None Active in Game None Active in Game
Low Decent Decent Highest - -