Last Updated 6/19/20

The Rare Snail Family Hat was released in September 2015 and left stores later that same month. It hasn't returned since then. This item was later given a "Rare!" tag on June 3, 2020.

Note: The Rare Snail Family Hat is commonly referred to as "Snails" or "Snail Fam" by many Jammers as an abbreviation.

Red/Default Pink Periwinkle Navy Lime Yellow
Snail 1
Snail 4
Snail 2
Snail 3
Snail 6
Snail 5

White Rare Bowtie; Depends on Jammer

White Rare Bowtie + Small Add; Depends on Jammer White Rare Bowtie + Decent Add; Depends On Jammer 2 White Rare Bowties; Depends On Jammer 3 White Rare Bowties; Depends On Jammer 4 White Rare Bowties; Depends on Jammer
Lowest Low Decent Good High Highest
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