Last Updated 10/15/20

The Rare Snail Family Hat was released in September 2015 and left stores later that month. It has not returned since then. This item was later given a "Rare!" tag on June 3, 2020.

Note: The Rare Snail Family Hat is commonly referred to as "Snails," "Snail Fam," "Snail Hat," or "Snail" by many Jammers as an abbreviation.

The higher colors of the Rare Snail Family Hat may go for as high as 6-8 White Rare Bowties due to their uncommonness.

Red/Default Pink Periwinkle Navy Lime Yellow
Snail 1.png
Snail 4.png
Snail 2.png
Snail 3.png
Snail 6.png
Snail 5.png

White Rare Bowtie + Pink Rare Bowtie; Depends on Jammer

3.5-4 White Rare Bowties; Depends On Jammer 6 White Rare Bowties; Depends On Jammer 7 White Rare Bowties; Depends On Jammer 9-10 White Rare Bowties; Depends On Jammer; 9 Active In-Game 15 White Rare Bowties; May Go For More; Depends on Jammer; 6 Active In-Game
Lowest Low Decent Good High Highest
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