Last Updated 6/16/20

The Rare Moustache and Chops were released in August 2015 and was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing. They have not returned to stores since then. This item was later given a "Rare!" tag on June 3, 2020.

Note: Rare Moustache & Chops are commonly referred to as "Chops" by many Jammers as an abbreviation.

Notice: AJHQ occasionally rewards this item in live streams. It has also been given as a Pack prize to all number one Packs.

Green/Default Turquoise Blue Purple Yellow Salmon
MoustS 3
MoustS 1
Screenshot 20180708-202951
MoustS 2
 Purple Rare Raccoon Tail + Good Add Teal Rare Raccoon Tail + Decent Add Red Rare Raccoon Tail Black Tip Rare Raccoon Tail; Depends on Jammer 2 White Rare Bowties; May Go For More Hard to Value; Few In Game
Lowest Low Decent Decent Good Best
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