Last Updated 9/14/20

The Rare Lei was released in the Beta Testing. It was released on July 12, 2015, and left Jam Mart Clothing on October 27th that same year. It has not returned since then. This item was later given a "Rare!" tag on June 3, 2020.

Notice: The Red Lei is uncommon and the Yellow Lei is extremely uncommon; they may go for more than stated.

Notice: This item has a RIM and Leilani variant. Watch out for the differences- the original one isn't White and Blue or Pink and Blue.

Blue/Default Peach Lilac Turquoise Red Yellow Rare Item Monday
Default Rare Archer Hat; Depends On Jammer Pink Rare Dragon Wings; Depends on Jammer Purple Rare Raccoon Tail; Depends on Jammer Teal Rare Raccoon Tail; Depends on Jammer Red Rare Archer Hat; Depends on Jammer Lowest Rare Feather Boa; Depends on Jammer 1-2 Good RIMs; Depends on Jammer
Rare Forest Gauntlets + Blackout Spiked Collar; Depends on Jammer 2 Rare Forest Gauntlets; Depends on Jammer Purple Dragon Wings; Depends on Jammer Red Dragon Wings + Decent add; Depends on Jammer Blue Rare Bowtie; Depends on Jammer White Rare Bowtie; Depends on Jammer -
Lowest Low Decent Good High Highest RIM
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