Last Updated 4/17/21

The Furry Arm Cuffs are a clothing item worn on the paws. They were released sometime during January 2017 and they left Jam Mart Clothing in March 2017. They earned a "Rare!" tag in January 2018.

Notice: Rare Furry Arm Cuffs are commonly referred to as "Rare Furry", "Cuffs" or "Furry Cuffs" by many Jammers for an abbreviation.

Notice: This item has a Salesman Variant. Watch out for the differences - the original will always have a "Rare!" tag.

Notice: This item has a Leilani variant. Watch out for the differences- the original will never be dark blue in color

White and Mauve/Default Pink & Peach White & Purple White & Teal White & Hot Pink Blue & White Gray & White White & Black
Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 1.07.41 PM.png
Screenshot 2018-12-05-10-33-31-1-1.png
Highest Rare Mystical Fairy Amulet + Tiny Add Highest Rare Mystical Fairy Amulet + Good Add Low Dual Samurai Swords Low Dual Samurai Swords + Decent Adds Decent Dual Samurai Swords + Decent Adds Decent Dual Samurai Swords + Decent/Good Adds Blackout Spiked Collar; Depends on Jammer Blackout Spiked Collar + Tiny Add; Depends on Jammer
Lowest Low Decent Decent Decent Good High Highest
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