Last Updated 8/11/20

The Rare Forest Set is a collection of clothing items that were released in November 2015 as a prize in the Tiger Treasure Hunt. The Forest Helmet, Amulet, Armor, and Gauntlets were discontinued in May 2016. This set was given a "Rare!" tag on June 3, 2020. The Forest Bow and the Forest Tail were discontinued along with all other Treasure Hunt items on April 29, 2020.

Note: The Rare Forest Gauntlets have a Leilani variant. Watch out for the differences- the original will never be Orange in color.

Note: The Rare Forest Bow is not part of the set, they’re an additional item to the completed set.

Note: The Rare Forest Bow is currently available as a Giant Phantom Prize; do not get scammed.

Note: The Rare Forest Set has a Salesman Variant. Watch out for the differences- the original will always have a "Rare!" tag.

Rare Forest Helmet (Discontinued) Rare Forest Amulet (Discontinued) Rare Forest Armor (Discontinued) Rare Forest Bow (Discontinued) Rare Forest Tail Armor (Discontinued)

Rare Forest Gauntlets (Discontinued)

Forest 6
Forest 5
Forest 4
Forest 1
Forest 2
Add Decent For Good Mystical Fairy Amulet Add Small For Lowest Mystical Fairy Amulet Add Small For Good Rare Mystical Fairy Amulet 1-2 Bad/Decent Treasure Hunt Items 1-2 Bad Treasure Hunt Items

Blackout Spiked Collar + Great Adds


Good Firefly Friend+ Highest Furry Arm Cuffs + Small Adds; Depends On Jammer

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