Last Updated 1/31/20

The Rare Football Helmet is a clothing item worn on the head. It was originally released in the Beta Testing. It was first released in June 2015 and left in the same month. It returned on August 2015 and left later that month. After that it hasn’t returned since.

Note: The Rare Football Helmet is commonly referred to as "Foot", or "Football" by most Jammers for an abbreviation.

This item has a Traveling Salesman variant. Watch out for the differences - the original one is not yellow and will always have a "Rare!" tag.

This item has a Pet variant. Watch out for the differences - the original one will not have “pet” in the name

Note: This item is unwanted, meaning it may not go for the full worth stated.

Blue Pink Purple Yellow Red Green
Teal Rare Feather Necklace OR

Add Good for Pink Bowtie

Teal Rare Feather Necklace+ Decent Add


Pink Bowtie

Blue Bowtie Blue Bowtie + Good Add White Bowtie Hard to Value; Few in Game

Owners may not want to trade

Bad Bad Decent Decent Good Best
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