Last Updated: 7/26/20

The Rare DJ Headset is a clothing item worn on the head. It was released in August 2015, and formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing before it was removed the same month. This item was renamed to Rare DJ Headset on July 1, 2020.

Note: AJHQ has rewarded the Brown DJ Headset as a prize for the top leaderboard Pack Champions and for their Llama Looks contest, therefore lowering its value.

Note: DJ Headsets are commonly referred to as "DJ" or "Rare DJ" by many Jammers as an abbreviation.

Note: The worths stated are rough estimates and may go for more or less than stated. The worth of Rare DJ Headset is currently unstable. 

Note: The Unique DJ Headset variant was rewarded to winners of the #AJBattleOfTheBands contest and their band members, and the winners of the #AJJamaalidaysinJuly; therefore decreasing its value.

Note: All variants of the DJ Headset have been confirmed to be rewarded to the winners of AJHQ's #AJJamaalidaysinJuly contest, which may decrease its value.

Brown Pink Purple/Default Peach Teal Red
Screenshot 20200602-190157
Screenshot 20200602-190223
Screenshot 20200602-190122
Screenshot 20200529-162632
Screenshot 20200701-132516
Screenshot 20200701-132646
Black Tipped Rare Raccoon Tail + Decent Add; Depends on Jammer Black Tipped Rare Raccoon Tail + Good Rare Raccoon Tail; Depends on Jammer Pink Rare Bowtie; Depends on Jammer Blue Rare Bowtie;Depends On Jammer Black-Purple Rare Bowtie; Depends On Jammer Black-Purple Rare Bowtie; Depends On Jammer
Lowest Low Decent Good Highest Highest

Unique Variant

The Green, Red & Blue DJ Headset is a unique variant of the original DJ Headset, awarded to the winners of Animal Jam's Instagram contest #AJBattleOfTheBands, and their band members. The DJ Headset has three colors- Green, Red & Blue. Approximately 40-50 of these DJ Headsets have been given out. Another set of these DJ Headsets have been given out in the #AJJamaalidaysInJuly contest.

Notice: These are set to drop due to the amount of them being given out.

Green, Red & Blue
Pink Rare Bowtie; Depends On Jammer
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