This Item is Extremely Uncommon.
This item is very uncommon and few people have it. The owner might not want to trade it.

Last Updated 6/13/20

The Rare Airplane Collection is a collection of airplane-themed clothing items. They were released in August 2015 and removed from Jam Mart Clothing later that same month. The items haven't returned since then. There are Super Sweet's variants of the Airplane Wings and Airplane Tail which were released in October 2018 as a possible prize from the Super Sweets minigame.

Note: The Rare Airplane Wings and Rare Airplane Tail are commonly referred to as "Air Tail/Wings" by many Jammers for an abbreviation.

Notice: This item has a Salesman Variant. Watch out for the differences - the original one will always have a "Rare!" tag.

Notice: There are three active variants of the Purple and Orange Airplane Tail.

Notice: There are hacked versions of the Periwinkle Rare Airplane Wings. They are almost identical in color - Be careful while trading.

Not to be confused with the Airplane Wings or the Pet Rare Airplane Wings.

Rare Airplane Wings

Blue & Violet/Default Purple & White Yellow & Gold Pink & Lavender Lime & Green  Turquoise Periwinkle Super Sweets
Pink Rare Saxophone + Great Adds Lowest Rare Airplane Wings + Decent Rare Lollipop Antlers Best Lollipop Antlers Add Large for Dino Horn; Depends on Jammer Add Small for Dino Horn; Depends on Jammer Dino Horn; Depends on Jammer Hard to Value; Less than 5 In-Game 1 Decent/Good Other Super Sweets Rare
30-35 White Rare Bowties 45-48 White Rare Bowties; Depends on Jammer - - - - - -
Lowest Low Decent Good High High Highest Super Sweets

Rare Airplane Tail

Blue & Violet/ Default Red & Black/Dark Green Gold & Blue Green & Lime Gold Purple & Orange Super Sweets
Add Decent For Red Rare Raccoon Tail; Depends On Jammer Black Tipped Raccoon Tail + Decent Adds; Depends On Jammer Black Tipped Raccoon Tail + Great Adds; Depends on Jammer White Bowtie; Depends On Jammer White Bowtie + Good Adds; Depends On Jammer

Hard To Value; Very Few in Game

Owners May Not Want to Trade It

1-2 Decent Super Sweets Rares
Lowest Low Decent Good Good Best -
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