Play Wild Item Worth Wiki

Last Updated 1/4/22

A Potion is an item used to give special features to the Jammer or their den. All of the potions can be found in the Phantom Dimension by buying them for phantom tokens by the Salesman or Merchant and/or feeding the Giant Phantom with paintseeds. Paintseeds are obtainable from a Paintseed tree.

The Potion trading feature was released on March 5th, 2019. The Potion buying feature was released on January 17th, 2020. Many people value these Potions differently. Potions became obtainable on May 1st, 2020 in the Daily Spin, but on June 3rd the Potion option on the Daily Spin was removed, and was replaced by a clothing and den item feature instead.

Note: The Super Sapphire Potion is obtainable through the Phantom Dimension. When activated, it drops 3 sapphires for everyone nearby to recieve 3 sapphires (the person who drops the potion also receives 3 sapphires.) Many Jammers like this potion because it drops Sapphires. This has led to high demand, so the worth may vary depending on the Jammer.

Note: There are many abbreviations for the potions. The Double Payout Potion is commonly abbreviated as "Double Pay" or "Payout"; Super Sapphire Potion as "Sapphire Potion", "Drop Potion", or simply "drop"; Become Your Pet Potion as "Pet Potion"; and sometimes when potion swapping, the word "Potion" is dropped completely, such as "Trading Disco for Glow". Rainbow Trail Potion can sometimes be called "Rainbow", and the Den Potions commonly go as "Den Snow", "Den Flower", or "Den Rain".

Special Potions

Double Payout Potion Disco Potion Super Sapphire Potion
10-20 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer 10-20 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer 75-175 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer
3 In Store Items; Depends on Item 3 In Store Items; Depends on Items 1 Good Weekly Member Gift;

Depends on Jammer

Become your Pet Potion

Become Your Pet Potion
30-80 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer
1 Low Weekly Member Gift

Glow Potion

Glow Potion
10-20 Sapphires
4-5 In Store Items; Depends on Item

Paintseed Launching Potion

Paintseed Launching Potion
TBA; Depends on Jammer
TBA Sapphires; Depends on Jammer

Shrink Potion

Shrink Potion
20-40 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer
3 In Store Items; Depends on Item

Rainbow Trail Potion

Rainbow Trail Potion
15-30 Sapphires
2 Bad Weekly Member Gifts

Speed Potion

Speed Potion
10-20 Sapphires
2 In Store Items; Depends on Item

Den Potions

Den Snow Potion Den Rain Potion Den Flower Potion
10-25 Sapphires 10-25 Sapphires 10-25 Sapphires
1 Bad Weekly Member Gift 1 Bad Weekly Member Gift 1 Bad Weekly Member Gift