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Play Wild Item Worth Wiki

The Play Wild Item Worth Wiki has certain users that can perform different tasks on the wiki to improve and protect it. Administrators on the wiki are users that have additional tools to do this.

Chat/Discussion Moderator Abilities

  • They can edit, remove or delete Discussion Posts.
  • They can remove individual posts, comments or messages.
  • They can delete page comments.
  • They can handle arguments in Discussions, on message walls, or in comments.

Content Moderator Abilities

  • They can delete and move protected pages.
  • They can delete and move files.
  • They can undelete pages and files.
  • They can rollback edits.
  • They can re-upload files.
  • They can protect and unprotect pages.

Administrator Abilities

  • They have all the user rights as Content Moderators.
  • They can ban/block users who are vandalizing the wiki from editing.
  • They can edit the wiki's Javascript and CSS.

What does the Administration Team do?

  • Give warnings and ban vandalizers/griefers.
  • Keep order on the wiki and settle disputes on the wiki.
  • Clear spam and useless articles from wiki.
  • Update the wiki and keep it modernized.

What shouldn't the Administration Team do?

Admins should never abuse user/abilities rights for their own gain. If abuse is noticed, it will result in immediate termination of users rights and a permanent ban from the wiki. Admin user rights should be only used to clean up vandalism, organize and clear spam from the wiki. Admins still follow the same rules and policies as everyone else.

How Many Admins and Content Moderators Should There Be?

There is not a specific number at this time.

What's the difference between a Bureaucrat and an Administrator?

A Bureaucrat is a user that can make other users bureaucrats or administrators on the wiki. Admins do not have this ability. However, they cannot remove the bureaucrat rights from another user. A Fandom Community Staff member must do this.

Discord Server Moderator

  • Helps manage the Wiki's Discord Server.
  • Can ban, mute, kick users.
  • Manages server bots and channels, making sure they are up to date and working correctly.

How do you become a Content Moderator and/or Discord Server Moderator?

You can check out the application form here.

How do you become an Administrator?

  • Must be an active content moderator for over two months.
  • Must be proven trustworthy by other staff members.
  • At least 600 mainspace edits (edits on pages).

The Founder

User Status Joined
Kawaiilove12 Inactive June 9, 2017

Server Owner

User Status Promoted
SaikoCho Active N/A


User Status Promoted
Poppingxboba           Active September 11, 2020


User Status Promoted
CyrukiAJPW             Active August 27, 2021

Content Moderators

User Status Promoted
Colossal Wonders    Active August 27, 2021
Kyosii Active August 27, 2021
Rbhattacharya Active August 27, 2021

Chat/Discussion Moderators

User Status Promoted
Zleeping Active August 27, 2021
Lovesbobatea Active August 27, 2021


User Status Promoted
ElectricxArrow     Active May 18, 2021
Glitterity Active August 27, 2021
Majestic14     Active May 18, 2021

Former Administrators and Content Moderators

User Status Revoked
Faci50 Inactive October 8, 2019
Mysty Draco Inactive October 8, 2019
Aryix Inactive October 9, 2019
Velvetine8 Inactive October 8, 2019
Legolighting Inactive October 8, 2019
Hallo kewl Inactive October 8, 2019
Mermaidmagicblue Inactive November 9, 2019 (Resigned)
ItsThatGamer101 Inactive December 9, 2019 (Resigned)
AzureShadowYT Inactive August 1, 2020 (Resigned)
Dïzney AJ  Inactive January 1, 2021 (Resigned)
XxNarriedxX           Inactive February 10, 2021 (Resigned)
Starfirequeen123AJ           Inactive July 30, 2021