Last Updated 07/18/20

The Level Up Rewards are rewards given to you when your Animal Jam account reaches a certain level. The usual gifts for leveling up are Sapphires or Gems, if not a Level Up Item Reward. 

Note: The Mira Wings have another version earned by trading with Leilani. Watch out for the differences- the original does not have the "Rare!" tag.

Notice: Level Up Rewards are lower then most one-five in game items because all rewards will eventually drop when more people level up and obtain them.

Mira Wings (Level 11) Zios Armor (Level 17) Alpha Gloves (Level 27) Ethereal Armor (Level 33) Ethereal Helmet (Level 39) Ethereal Tail (Level 45) Epic Pack Leader Helmet (Level 49) Epic Pack Leader Armor (Level 51) Diamond Dragon Wings (Level 54) Diamond Tail (Level TBA)
Mira wings
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Ethereal Helmet
Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 8.53.58 am
Diamond Dragon Wings Price
2 Bad RIMs 2-3 Decent RIMs or 2 Salesman Items RIMs or 3-4 Salesman Items Add for Low Mystical Fairy Amulet Decent Dual Samurai Swords; Maybe More; Depends on Jammer Add Tiny for Rare Forest Gauntlets; Depends on Jammer; 25+ in Game Add Good for Highest Rare Raccoon Tail; Depends on Jammer; 5+ in Game Hard to Value; 5+ In Game Hard to Value; 2 In Game Hard to Value; None Confirmed in Game
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