• Kitkatkop

    I have a white eco turbine in my shop for 300 sapphires or maybe even less idk lol

    I don't want it pls ppl get rid of it qwp

    -Savagesprinklez (aj un)

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  • Kitkatkop

    Nvm XD

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  • Aquastar10

    Thank You

    August 4, 2020 by Aquastar10

    This blog post is dedicated to all of the amazing users on this wiki.

    Here at the AJPWIWW, we're always here for eachother. To comfort others when they're feeling down, to support them when they don't feel confident, to give them advice when they don't know what to do.

    Because this isn't just a place where we come to find out the worth of items, it's where we come to share stories and secrets, sadness and laughter- it's our community.

    Thank you to all the wonderful people who keep this wiki going strong.

    I love you all. 

    Never Stop Shining - Aquastar10

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  • Kitkatkop

    Hello! I have recently made my own tre rules in my form and ppl keep trying to Ted me for it so I thought, Why not make them for others? 

    Warning!  I am new to this and my handwriting is bad, before I submit it I will send it to you on this wiki, if you don't like it you don't have to take it UwU MISTAKES HAPPEN BC I THINK IM HUMAN


    One ( 1 ) mp coin


    Buy in my shop for 25 sapphires 

    Example ( My trd rules )




    Tysvm for reading! If you would like a comm then comment on my wall or down below!

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  • Djunicornsparklez


    August 3, 2020 by Djunicornsparklez

    TrAdInG wHiTe tIP fOr ReD oR pEaCh aRmIdIlLo HeLmEt

    im Xitaeyz, buddy mmeeeeeeee

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  • Kitkatkop

    Hello everyone, I hope you've had a wonderful day/night so far!

    Anyways, onto the questions!

    Should I sell this masterpeice in shop? Would you personally buy it? ( Just want to know if anyone likes this wonderful mp! )

    How much should I sell this in my shop? Would you buy it? ( Same as the other mp! )

    Is selling a super sapphire potion for 315 fair? 

    Tysvm! Please answer in the comments below!!

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  • Puzki

    Cough scammer cough

    August 3, 2020 by Puzki

    Okie hi if your reading this, THANK YOUU. XD so lemme explain... (btw these people have been scamming others too..) Once at the arctic wolf cave ap0ll0x (user) and someone else.. (I forgot ok XD) were doing this: "MY RED DRAGON WINGS FOR PURPLE LION BRACELET " and ap0ll0x, strangely having the exact color.. Told them that they would friend the other user and will jam them if deal. So I was smol brain and thought, why dont I give my highest firefly for the lion bracelet? Well what do you know apollo then left after accepting and the other user went off line. Just perfect, if you do manage to read this all without being bored well TANK UUUU and please do report ap0ll0x for scamming multiple people. Thank you •̀.̫•́

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  • Pilløw Fluff


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  • Sunny Therapy Official

    Hello! My name is Sunny and I am the founder of Sunny Therapy! If you would like to know more, please click my page. If you would like to apply, schedule a therapist, or anything else, please contact me! This is Sunny Therapy Official Page so please enjoy! My username will be located on my about me, and I will soon be posting more news and information in the following 1-2 days. I will be soon reopening it which is tommorow, so feel free to give out questions right now! I hope you had a great day! - Sunny ☀ (If you can not locate my username, please tell me.I will answer in a flash.) 

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  • Silverxroses


    August 2, 2020 by Silverxroses

    Hi peeeeeepsssss... 😭👏 #cryingBcOfHamilton 😥

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  • XxærisxX

    i traded for these items, they where claimed to be recovered items from aj, tho idk if they are safe to trd- just looking for offers atm, they could revert bk idek

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  • Animal56

    Get rid of my stuff uwu

    August 1, 2020 by Animal56

    Ok. I have a charm necklace and pitcher plant that I am DYING to trade away. Although I hate the items, that doesn't mean I'm willing to accept any undertrades. I'm looking for blue or pink dual for it, and that should be fair. I might also take decent offers, so either reply here or buddy and jag me! My user on aj is xexus7! Ty!

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  • AzureShadowYT


    August 1, 2020 by AzureShadowYT

    heh so this is something ive been thinking about for quite a while im not that interested in aj anymore. its become more of a chore than a hobby at this point,, i was going to resign once school started, but i pretty much stopped getting notifications. i used to get like 8+ notifs a day, but now i get just one maybe every few days. figured i'd take that as a hint to head out lol thank you guys for having me here, it was so much fun while it lasted. i wish you all good luck, and stay safe.


    ps- i'll still be active on the discord server! my tag is unsettledd#2671 if anyone wants to keep in touch

    pss- i ask that i keep my admin rank on the discord server please!

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  • SAmE-rAmEn

    Blog post

    August 1, 2020 by SAmE-rAmEn

    What are these for? Hehehe ty

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  • Xx0Darkwolfuwu0xX

    HELLO PEOPLE└(^o^)┘! JUST LIKE THE TITLE SAYS.......(´・ω・`)......... IM TAKING OFFERS FOR MY SAMURAI FLAG!👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌I JUST WANNA SEE WHAT U GUYS ARE OFFERING! IM ON 24/7!◑_◑ HAVE A GREAT DAY! 17:35, July 31, 2020 (UTC)~Xx0darkwolfuwu0xx

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  • GlitterStarz

    Reminder - Swearing.

    Warning - Swearing.

    Warning - Swearing.

    Block - Swearing.

    Warning - Unnecessary edits.

    Warning - Unnecessary edits.

    Block - Unnecessary edits.

    Warning - Rudeness.

    Block - Rudeness.

      Block - Vandalizing.

    Warning - Spamming.

     Warning - Spamming.

     Block - Spamming.

    Warning - Unnecessary pages.

    Block - Unnecessary pages.

    Block - Underaged.

    Block - Sockpuppeting.

    Block - Scamming.

    Block - Hack Advertising.

    Warning - Cross trading.

    Block - Cross trading.

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    First day on wiki!!!

    July 30, 2020 by RADARTAJ

    Hoi guys I’m new to wiki and I see it’s a really good place to learn worth! That’s it bai 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 R.A.D ART

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  • Kitkatkop

    Ok so my now buddy has been looking for her item on here and can't find it, she wants to know the worth but doesn't have an account so she can't ask. I told her I would ask for her! So yeah, here we are!

    The item is a rare spooky top hat, I'll put a picture down below! Tysvm if you answer! She is excited to know the worth!

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  • Shadowyin18


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  • Sunny Therapy Official


    July 28, 2020 by Sunny Therapy Official

    I was wondering where you can post and make polls on here. 

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  • Rbvfbv


    July 27, 2020 by Rbvfbv

    Anyone good with pet worth? If it’s a gain (doubt it) or a loss, please tell me by how much! Ty

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  • Prynxii

    Leopard Couch

    July 27, 2020 by Prynxii

    Anyone know what a leopard couch is worth? I have one and am looking for more, but I don’t really want to spend a lot for them. I tried looking them up to no avail, and I’m too lazy to suggest it and wait until/if it’s added. Thanks!

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  • Alpafirewolf76

    I have 4 flower crown I wanna trade fairly but idk what ppl got to trade for them, I rlly wanna self of the stuff in my shops 

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  • Kitkatkop

    Trades hhhh

    July 26, 2020 by Kitkatkop
    • Made an updated version!
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  • Kitkatkop

    Mkkkkkk so imma list some questions and I would appreciate if I could get some answers, there are multiple so ill list them by numbers uwu.

    1. What are the RED ladybug wings worth? (I think they look cool)

    2. What are BLUE ladybug wings worth? (I luv the look of these and like them more than the red but have a better outfit idea for the red lol)

    3. What is ICE ARMOR worth? I have two and am looking to trade them uwu)

    4. Is anyone looking for wall stickers? The wiki says they are worth a rainbow spike or decent fairy amulet, if so I am looking for the blue mystical fairy amulet or a rainbow scarf bc I traded it away and I LOVED THAT DARN SCARF AAAAAHHHHHHHH (next question has something to do with the scarf)

    5. Was this a G/F/L? I got wall stick…

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  • WolfineGaming

    Ok first of i wanna start saying this isn't about a glitched item or something it's about something totally different. Also this is gonna be really detailed so it's gonna be pretty long

     The weirdest thing just happened to me xd. When I was going on my spare to buy something with saffires well bc my main did not hv saffires xd. Anyway I noticed that two ppl send a buddy request and then when I clicked on the jamm-a-gram (bad speller) to see who it was and it wasn't loading. I thought it was just my internet. Then I checked the other buddy request, and then I went bk to the other one and it was still loading, ok xd idk how to explain it but I took screenshots so yeah. Then I searched up the users username and the entire thing was still loadi…

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  • Ajrocks37



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  • Keiththewolf6331
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  • MajesticPotatoez

    Hi guys! I'm currently looking to trade my Teal Daisy! Hmu with any offers, I can add for larger items! Thanks and stay safe!!

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  • DekuDogDERP
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  • DekuDogDERP


    July 23, 2020 by DekuDogDERP

    Hello. Hey boo. Uh. Yeah. I’m Tac. This is a post. You can call me deku derp or tac. Bah Baih.

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  • Lovesbobatea


    July 23, 2020 by Lovesbobatea

    Hi, how are you doing? Anyone be selling nice clothing, mp, or pets at a reasonable price QwQ

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  • Activnyan


    July 22, 2020 by Activnyan
    Do u have an item you would trade for my pink drag and forest? What is your item o.o Read more >
  • Anipartygirl


    July 22, 2020 by Anipartygirl

    hi im trding these items: 

    alpha glove x1

    knight helmet (found on last day of month mystery chest) x1

    stone sword (found on last day of month mystery chest) x1

    salesman raccoon tail x1

    default/blue feathered ears x1

    pet parrot x1

    pet falcon (level one) x1

    pet bee (level one) x1

    pls trade also trading all items for a beta clothing item

    lf: dragon wings, rare raccoon tail etc XD

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  • Rbvfbv


    July 22, 2020 by Rbvfbv

    Ok, someone is trading 3x lowest cuffs for my forest guantlets. Should I accept? I really want to so I can trade them down. Please reply!!

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  • Activnyan


    July 22, 2020 by Activnyan

    is that u?

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  • JaynekoNya

    rares system ???

    July 21, 2020 by JaynekoNya

    so im not familiar with the AJPW rares system, because i mostly play AJPC.

    and the AJPW worth wiki is so confusing sometimes or wont tell you the worth of items and here's what i mean

    for example on treasure hunt items for the worths it will always just say "[number] good/decent/bad treasure hunt items" and it does the exact same for weekly member gifts and other items, it doesnt say what its worth at all, basically just determines if its a good/decent/bad item for what it is

    im  currently having trouble deciding what my rare airplane tail is worth (its the super sweets one) along with rare sea star glasses and alot of weekly member gift items, can someone tell me what weekly member gifts, treasure hunt items, and super sweets rares items are…

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  • Keiththewolf6331

    Hey guys xd. I hv 3 drops. Hurry before full please no advertising nor trading. And also. Ouo. Sta outside the fence ty my den is keiththewolfs6331 /dropped already

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  • Cloudyxskiess

    hello hi, I am in the need of a cotton candy coloured lizard (preferably below lvl 3)

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  • Firedragonfury

    SCAMMER USERNAME: bigsister36912 Her profile

    What happened:

    Today in the fox den, @bigsister36912 attempted to scam me of my forest, dual, and mythical spike. 

    She asked to trade me and if my look was for trade. 

    She offered an archer hat (This got me suspicious because a blue archer is obviously over). 

    She proceeds to say "imma add, bc, idk, lolz" (proof below)

    She then adds a full trade of items. 

    When I scroll back to check if the archer is still there, it was not there anymore, she had removed it. 

    She accepted the trade. 

    Once I said "nty no adds and I'm going to double check the trade, i'm not dumb" she logged off.

    I don't think there is any way to explain her actions, besides the fact that she attempted to scam. 




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  • SociallyAkwardSoda


    July 19, 2020 by SociallyAkwardSoda

    I can't change mah avatar cri

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  • ItzFinaenae AJ

    I dunno

    July 19, 2020 by ItzFinaenae AJ


    I just made this account

    Okay bye

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  • Keiththewolf6331

    Hey y’all...

    July 19, 2020 by Keiththewolf6331

    I know y’all might think I’m joking or laughing or lying for rares. But I have quitting on my mind. Scammers are taking over aj and pc. I don’t think we can save aj now. I’m sorry, but.. yeah.. the point is I might quit. Y’all probably will ignore this post like my others. I might become more inactive over the months weeks or days.


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  • Alejandres

    any offers?

    July 19, 2020 by Alejandres

    looking to trade the WHOLE LIST for a BIG CLOTHING ITEM! not sure abt the star light table tho

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  • Keiththewolf6331
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  • Mystiique AJ

    Haaalp mee

    July 16, 2020 by Mystiique AJ

    Okei soooooooooooooooooo

    i have a white bow. And my goal is to get these items

    • 2x blacktips
    • 1x grey arch 
    • 1x white wind
    • 1x white tip
    • 1x blackout spike

    WOT DO I DOOOOOO the above worth is fair bc

    White bow= 2x blue bows

    1x bluebow= grey arch+ blacktip

    1x blue bow=white wind= black tip

    with one of those black tips i'll get the rest of the listed items


    PLeZ HaLp

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  • Cheese090

    My worth?

    July 16, 2020 by Cheese090

    Hello! I'm just doing this for fun, so yeah not all of the items on this list will be for trade. These are all my kinda good items. 

    rare forest gauntlets (teal) x2 

    Magenta Giant jamaaliday bow 

    Level three armadillo lizard 

    Arabian knight mask x2 

    Level three pet duck 

    Level two pet badger 

    level three pet badger 

    Level three pet magenta Kitty 

    I think thats all XD

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  • Cheese090

    Hey so I've heard a few times that funnily someone was trading something good for like 150 princess necklaces. I spent about a day getting 200. Any offers? XD

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  • Rbvfbv

    Oop I forgot about this and just hatched it on my own XD Here she issss

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  • Ssswolfismyfav

    I hear a cry

    I look around, no tears in your eyes.

    It's blury..

    I wonder why

    Is.. that a tear in my eye..?

    Theres a sudden urge, an urge to die..

    This urge, it goes on.. and on, and on.

    I'm still here

    You leave, leave my here, here to die.

    The tears are flowing, they keep flowing-

    and flowing.. and flowing.

    It brings me to wondering again. Wondering why theres an urge. An urge to die.

    Why? Why am I here? Is my existance real? If so..


    The urge, it's here again. It's arived. 

    The thought of death flows, and flows.. and flows..

    Will it ever go? 

    Leave.. leave.. LEAVE...

    Why.. why are you still here..?

    Should I leave to die?

    The urge leaves me, 

    leaves me here, here to die.

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