Last Updated 9/14/20

The Arctic Wolf Treasure Hunt items were originally released in Treasure Hunts during the month of December 2015. The Spike Collar is the only beta item from Arctic Wolf Treasure Hunt. All items are currently available from the Daily Spin.

Note: The Spiked Collar has a Leilani Variant, watch out for the differences - the original will never have a "Rare!" tag.

The other variants of Icicle Earrings can be found here.

The other variants of the Spiked Collar can be found here.

The other variants of the Dual Samurai Swords can be found Dual_Samurai Swords.

The Ice CouchOld Hood, And Icicle Earrings, have been discontinued since May 2016.

The Rare Icicle Earrings were released in both Jam Mart Clothing and the Arctic Wolf Treasure Hunt in December 2015 but were then removed sometime during May 2016. They later were given a "Rare!" tag on June 3, 2020.

Spiked Collar Diamond Glasses Ice Chair Rare Ice Couch (discontinued) Ice Table Pearl Bracelet Rainbow Chair Rare Icicle Earrings (discontinued) Dual Samurai Swords (discontinued)
SpikeT 4
DiamondG 1
IceC 1
IceCo 4
IceT 1
PearlB 2
RainbC 4
Dual samurai gray green
1 Mystery Chest Item 3 Bad Treasure Hunt Items 3 Decent Treasure Hunt Items Lowest Dual Samurai Swords; Depends on Jammer 3 Bad Treasure Hunt Items 3 Bad Treasure Hunt Items 3 Bad Treasure Hunt Items Decent Dual Samurai Swords; Depends on Jammer Add Good For Blackout Spiked Collar
1-2 Decent RIMs 1 Good RIM 1 Good RIM 3-4 Low Den Betas RIMs 3 RIMs 2-3 RIMs Low Rare Firefly Friend Add Good/Decent For Low Rare Firefly Friend
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